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Proficiency Testing & Quality Control 

Participation in DAP mandated Proficiency Testing and Quality Control programs is a requirement for accreditation. Facilities in British Columbia engaged in Laboratory Medicine, Pulmonary Function and Spirometry provide performance data to the DAP for monitoring and follow-up. 


Laboratory Medicine 

As one of the cornerstones of a well defined laboratory quality management system, Proficiency Testing (PT) allows comparisons with similar laboratories in order to verify the accuracy and reliability of their test results. Clinical laboratories are required to perform PT or alternative assessment procedures to cover the scope of their testing. The DAP monitors ongoing laboratory PT, requiring investigation and response for discrepant results.


Pulmonary Function 

Hospital-based Pulmonary Function laboratories (formerly known as “Category III Pulmonary Function Laboratories”) perform a variety of pulmonary function tests using calibrated syringes and Biological Normals on a monthly and semimonthly basis. These results are submitted to the DAP twice a year for review and performance recommendations.