Proficiency Testing Documents for 2017


PT2017 DAP Processes for Proficiency Testing


PT2017 Mandated Analytes


PT2017 DAP Approved Proficiency Testing Providers


     Reporting Criteria and the Investigation and Exception Response Form Memo


Investigation and Exception Response Form


PT Investigation: Sources of Error and Internal Review




   PT 2017 Enrolment and Attestation Form


      Alternative Assessment Procedures Form 2017 


  PT Provider Client Number Form 2017 








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Proficiency Laboratory Medicine PT 2017

DAP Processes for Proficiency Testing 2017


The following correspondence was circulated to laboratories:


DAP Processes for PT 2017

This memo outlines:

   • mandated and non-mandated programs/analytes

   • alternative PT

   • handling exceptions

   • selection of PT providers

   • regional approaches

   • result summaries

   • supplementary or remedial PT


DAP Mandated Analytes 2017 

  • specifies which laboratory specialties and analytes are mandated and require enrollment in formal PT programs.


DAP Approved PT Providers 2017 

  • lists DAP approved PT providers


Reporting Criteria and  Proficiency Testing Investigation and Exception Response Memo (updated 22 Dec 2015)

  • lists the outlier criteria by PT provider which require an  investigation and exception response form for the DAP

  • instructions on use of the new investigation and exception  response form


Investigation and Exception Response Form 

This new form should be put into use right away. You may fill out this form online, print and fax or email to the DAP. Please discard any previously circulated forms. 


PT Investigation: Sources of Error and Internal Review 

These worksheets are for use by the facility to aid in classifying the sources of error and performing the internal review of outliers. Submission of these documents to the DAP is not required. 


 PT 2017 Enrolment and Attestation 

These annual enrolment forms are to be completed by facilities and submitted to DAP before January 31, 2017.  These forms should also be used to notify DAP of new analytes and/ or changes in Proficiency Testing throughout 2017.