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27 Sep 2016

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Proficiency Pulmonary Function Level 3 PF Laboratory QC

Level 3 Pulmonary Function Laboratories


British Columbia has 28 hospital-based pulmonary function laboratories (formerly known as “Category III Pulmonary Function Laboratories”). These laboratories perform, in addition to regular quality control checks on their instrumentation, a variety of pulmonary function tests using a Biological Normal on a monthly and bi-monthly basis. The results, which are submitted to the DAP twice yearly, give an indication of any areas of concern with the instrumentation or performance of the tests.


As of January 2008, Mr. Carl Mottram, BA, RRT, RPFT, FAARC and Ms. Susan Blonshine, RRT, RPFT, FAARC, AE-C review and make recommendations on the pulmonary function quality control submissions. Both individuals are dedicated to fostering quality in the pulmonary function laboratory and the continuing education of Respiratory Therapists.  (about Carl Mottram and Susan Blonshine)


Participation in the DAP Quality Control Program is a requirement for Pulmonary Function Accreditation. Throughout the 4 year accreditation cycle, the DAP will continue to monitor the quality control performance of facilities.