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Surveyors Assessor Development

Assessor Training and Orientation

In order to have an effective peer review model for the programs assessed using a peer-based surveying methodology, Assessors must be recruited, trained, and continuously provided with development opportunities. The DAP has developed a training and orientation program that all DAP Assessors must complete prior to survey.


The training and orientation program starts with pre-reading of a surveyor training package and attendance at an orientation session provided by DAP staff at the DAP offices. 


Continuous Development

As part of the Assessor development process, the assessed facility/service will be asked to complete an Assessor Evaluation form for each surveyor that conducted the On-site Assessment. This information will be shared with the Assessor for the purposes of education and continuous development. At the conclusion of an On-site Assessment, the DAP also asks each Assessor to evaluate the effectiveness of the just-in-time Assessor orientation and training they received. This information is used by the DAP to continuously improve these sessions to better support surveyors and their information needs.


Assessors will also be encouraged to attend an annual development session organized by the DAP. Additional resources and feedback will be provided to Assessors on an on-going basis as necessary.