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Accreditation Fee Structure


Annual Dues for Public Health Authorities

All accredited diagnostic facilities/services are subject to annual dues.  

Annual Dues for Private Facilities

All accredited private diagnostic facilities/services are subject to annual dues.  

New facility application fee:                                                $500.00

This fee accompanies an application for accreditation by a new non-accredited facility. The $500 application fee includes conducting of the on-site initial assessment. A new facility is not subject to annual dues for the current fiscal year in which they are accredited. For example, if a facility applies for accreditation in July 2016, they would not be subject to annual dues until April 1, 2017.


Initial assessment of new service:                                     $200.00

This fee applies to an already accredited facility that has expanded service to provide another modality/discipline. For example, a diagnostic imaging department that has already received accreditation for radiology and ultrasound, and now decides to provide CT services would be subject to the initial assessment process and associated fee. 


Focused visit due to significant change in operation:        $0.00

A focused visit due to a significant change in operation occurs after initial telephone conversation with a DAP Accreditation Assessment Officer to determine the level of assessment that is required.

Examples of significant changes may include: addition or replacement of imaging equipment; implementation of CR or DR systems; change in professional group interpreting images; reorganization of the physical space in the laboratory. Some changes will require an on-site focused visit; others may require submission of documentation.


Focused visit due to performance concerns:                        $0.00

A focused visit due to performance concerns may occur at any time in the accreditation cycle. A focused visit may occur in response to quality control/proficiency testing data; or complaints received. A focused visit due to performance concerns would only take place after telephone consultation with the facility, and/or the requesting and reviewing of additional information. 


Focused visit to confirm implementation of mandatory requirements:                                                                              $0.00

A focused visit to confirm implementation of a mandatory requirement may be required in some situations. All efforts are made to confirm the evidence provided by the facility with addressing mandatory requirements in a manner that does not necessitate a focused visit.


On-site Assessments:                                                                $0.00

The DAP no longer invoices facilities for the costs associated with on-site assessments.


Relocation Fee: 

This fee applies to an already accredited facility that is relocating to another physical location. This applies to moves within the same facility (e.g. relocation to a different section of a hospital or building) and to moves involving a different physical address. In order to be eligible for a relocation visit, the facility must retain the same scope of service and have no significant changes to the technical, administrative or medical leadership.